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Improving energy efficiency

Software solutions for EMS

The Energy Management System (EMS) refers to a set of procedures and applications for monitoring  and optimising the energy consumption of a device, a machine, a plant or, more generally, a site.

Simetria’s Energy Management System (EMS) has been designed to provide our partners with detailed information, in real time, on the behaviour of all energy carriers in their business. It gives them the power to dynamically intercept energy inefficient system drift, and to provide the ability to control and reactively correct any problems identified.

Our EMS suite allows you to carry out a complex set of operations

Genuinely Scalable

There are no limits to the number of sites, machines, devices, and users that can be simultaneously managed by the system.

Unlimited Parameters

Unlimited configuration of parameters/datapoints for each site.

Design Mobile Oriented

Automatic resizing guaranteed, connectivity for everyone anywhere, fully developed in HTML5.

Cross Platform

High-level data integration for all platforms, applications, and management systems on the market.

Real Time

All your data is always available in real time through the various modules of the solution.


The use of cybersecurity analytics guarantees the security of your data throughout its life cycle.


Real-time monitoring of the performance of primary and secondary energy carriers through interactive charts and customised dashboards.

Daily, weekly, and monthly accounting and balances of the energy consumption of each carrier with the ability to aggregate meters for users and sub-users at multiple levels.

Improvement of the overall energy performance using technologies based on advanced and predictive analysis of the energy data (Demand Response, Peak Load Management, Power Quality, etc).

Measurement and Verification (M&V) reports for maintenance and improving project efficiency.

High level of customisation possible through the creation of targeted KPIs, ratios, and virtual datapoints, with the maximum integration of results with any other platforms in use.

Your technology partner for
your Energy Management System

Simetria has a range of innovative software solutions to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency, improving the performance, reliability and security of your systems.

We unleash the full power of your data

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