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Simetria has developed a deep understanding of the complex world of data technology, with over fifteen years experience gained working alongside Italian and international companies and organizations.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

- Steve Jobs

Our team of specialists have experienced the revolution that tranformed the world of digital technologies connected to data, developing mindsets, skills and operational methodologies that we put at our partners’ service every day. At the core of our technological research is data, seen as a complex source of knowledge and a strategically fundamental link in the generation of the value of each productive process.

Data in Action

Our technological solutions fully reflect this vision, offering systems for the collection, integration and use of data coming from heterogeneous sources, with particular attention to the standardization of formats and their inter-operability.


We have developed software solutions to ensure a complete accessibility of data.

Our suite of data-transformation tools enables types of data generated from heterogeneous sources, standardizing both formats and semantics.


We design safe infrastructures capable to communicate effectively with different operating systems, protocols and third party devices.

We provide a qualified support in developing full interoperability and information exchange with other systems and technologies.


Our AI technologies increase the data value of your Operations, increasing the understanding of the phenomena of your business and modifying
standard management processes. Thanks to Simetria you can transform data into the most important asset of your company.

Quality Policy

Simetria is among the leading Italian technological entities to have achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification for services involving the design of software solutions and data technologies, as well as the provision of data collection, integration, monitoring, and analysis services.

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