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Maintaining energy efficiency

BEMS Solutions

Our BEMS (Building Management Energy System) suite is a sophisticated system of technologies for the supervision, regulation, analysis, and monitoring of installations on one or more sites (buildings, plants, malls, airports, hospitals, etc).

With the help of advanced analytics tools, the Simetria BEMS can guarantee maximum energy efficiency based on predetermined levels of operation, automatically adapting its adjustment logic in accordance with the trends in the main reference parameters. The BEMS guarantees that the systems operate smoothly, protecting the machinery being monitored from serious break-downs, preserving the life cycle of the site equipment, and providing essential information for maintenance.

Our BEMS suite allows you to carry out a complex set of operations

Genuinely Scalable

There are no limits to the number of sites, machines, devices, and users that can be simultaneously managed by the system.

Unlimited Parameters

Unlimited configuration of parameters/datapoints for each site.

Design Mobile Oriented

Automatic resizing guaranteed, connectivity for everyone anywhere, fully developed in HTML5.

Cross Platform

High-level data integration for all platforms, applications, and management systems on the market.

Real Time

All your data is always available in real time through the various modules of the solution.


The use of cybersecurity analytics guarantees the security of your data throughout its life cycle.


Improvement in overall energy performance using technologies based on machine learning and adaptive controlling

Continuous fine-tuning of the system’s regulation logic using adaptive algorithms

Improvement of standard maintenance procedures and methods (reactive, preventive) with the introduction of predictive logic.

Extension of the life cycle of machinery by anticipating major failures and system downtime.

Integration of the results from Simetria’s EMS analyses (Automated Fault Detection and Diagnoses, Demand Response, Peak Load Management, Power Quality, etc.) and automatic implementation of corrective actions or adjustments.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) reports for the real-time measurement of the effectiveness of any corrective actions taken

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Simetria has a range of innovative software solutions to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency, improving the performance, reliability and security of your systems.

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