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A new dimension for Industry 4.0

Simetria¬†is working alongside large and established Italian manufacturing companies, supporting them in the design of advanced systems for the management, monitoring, and control of their machinery and production technologies. Particularly significant is the project that Simetria has developed in collaboration with an important “Made in Italy” company that manufactures doors and gates.

The company has three production plants, in the Rome area and in Marche. On these three sites doors are machined and assembled every day. The batches for distribution, both to retailers and to the homes of individual customers, are also located here.

In order to monitor and manage, in real time, the production that takes place in its plants, the company, asked Simetria to design and develop a unified virtual environment, a digital control room that would allow the company a more agile and 360 degree supervision of all their production processes and logistics, from marking and profiling to the storage of doors, in a form that would be accessible from any device, in real time.

So, Simetria updated the supervision systems that were already used in the three plants, integrating them into a new management platform that would provide operators with a dashboard of extremely refined data analysis tools, with a specific focus on diagnostics and predictive maintenance, aimed at monitoring, in real time, the overall health and maintenance cycles of the machinery in Lazio and Marche.

Showing the data in real time and 3D, integrating production cycles and logistic flows.

One of the major challenges of the project was the creation of a content user interface that could also be accessed on mobile devices, which Simetria developed and customised in HTML5. To further facilitate operations, 3D infographic modules have also been developed that allow an almost photographic representation of the analytical system and operations actually taking place in the plant. Machines are rendered in a realistic way, allowing operators to intuitively and quickly query the status of the systems, interact with their processes, detect peaks or anomalies in energy consumption and supervise all the plant’s performance criteria remotely.

Our production process management platform has also been integrated into the warehouse flow management system and connected to the administration software, creating a perfectly circular and synchronous dialogue between the production cycle, logistics process, and billing and order management system, based on the interoperability of data.

What We Do

The technological update carried out by Simetria, in addition to providing advanced monitoring tools that are scalable and customisable, has significantly improved the efficiency of the plants, which has had a positive impact on the predictive maintenance of machinery and, consequently, on the overall energy saving.

  • Integration of management systems
  • Remote control via a centralised control room
  • Mobile oriented platform
  • Scalability with unlimited datapoints
  • Custom statistics generated from data
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Optimising efficiency and productivity
  • Energy saving
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Real-time 24/365 support

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