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Building a centralised Control Room

From data centralisation to value creation

One of the areas of technological development in which Simetria has invested most in recent years is the design of infrastructures that can guarantee the security and total interoperability of data.

We develop cross-device, multiprotocol, customised solutions, which integrate platforms, devices, and technologies, standardising data and making it useful by means of dashboards that are 100% compatible with our partners’ applications.

  • Continuous monitoring of all integrated services
  • Normalisation of data
  • APIs to facilitate integration with pre-existing systems
  • Connectivity status dashboard
  • Automated reports for sharing information with operational teams

Of particular interest is the project that Simetria has recently developed in collaboration with an important customer, working in the field of small and large-scale retail channels.

The primary objective of the project was the creation of a centralised control room that could integrate data systems, making them accessible remotely. The control room, designed by Simetria, receives data in real time and integrates data produced by video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and fire alarms in the individual physical offices of the retailer, located throughout the country.

The creation of the control room required an ecosystem that could securely integrate different protocols, hardware, and infrastructure, even though these were often based on older generations of technology, some of which were obsolete.

To build such an environment, Simetria designed a fully dedicated network, interfacing with the connectivity provider and installing an ad hoc server at each site involved to connect the systems and normalise the flow of data in real time, which could then be displayed on dashboards at central control room headquarters. This entailed a considerable amount of work, both in terms of hardware engineering and the configuration of network architectures that, in addition to integrating and making the information provided by the servers usable, has created a stable, secure, controlled, and continuously verified data sharing system using cryptography and decryption.

What We Do

The centralised control room has made it possible to put in place a leaner, more agile, tidier operating environment that can work in perfect synchrony and security with all the remote sites.

  • Hardware and Software Design
  • Network Design
  • Data Integration
  • Data Normalization
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity

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